Cave Rock, South Lake Tahoe

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Cave Rock is a formation in Lake Tahoe as a result of volcanic activity and resulting fractures caused in the earths crust. It is located on the south-eastern shore near the tunnels and the rock formation is visible from any point of the Lake. Located beneath the rugged volcanic face of Cave Rock you can find picnic sites and a small sandy beach.

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A Tahoe reservation in the Cave Rock area can fill your vacation with a brilliant mix of entertainment, fun and adventure as it is located on the south shore with the casinos and events such as the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival in July and August. A reservation made on time can ensure that you have booked the right vacation rental property, hotel or casino at the right price. There are attractive discounts available before the ski season starts.

Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Parks Department which maintains parks and recreation areas in Lake Tahoe offers many scenic spots close by such as Sand Harbor where you can enjoy boating or picnics and the romantic Memorial Point and Hidden Beach with its astounding lake views and isolated shores.

You can also visit the Spooner Lake, a one stop adventure experience in Tahoe for fly fishing, skiing and the trail head for back country trekking. The Flume Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail offer scenic views of the lake and are very popular with both professional trekkers and vacationers out for a picnic.

Activities @ Cave Rock

The caves at Cave Rock are a popular base for rock climbing and the steep shoreline is a great location for rainbow trout fishing. Cave rock also offers two launch ramps for boating that lead to deep waters close to the shore. You can take a boat out to the north face of the rock and see the Lady of the Lake formation which is a sacred site for the Washoe Indians. There are also various accommodation options from vacation rentals to cabins and luxury condos available in the vicinity.

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