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With A North Lake Tahoe Home - Snowshoeing Takes Little Doing and is a Fun Sport!

North Lake Tahoe home is the ideal home for you on your ski vacations if you are fascinated by ice-skating and snowmobiling. If these adventure sports don't interest you, snowshoeing is the sport for you. It doesn't require much expertise or experience because all you have to do is walk on the snow wearing big webbed feet! And with a few of our tips, you'll be on your way to the ski vacation of a lifetime snowshoeing all around your North Lake Tahoe home.

Become a webbed Bigfoot and tread around North Lake Tahoe

Here are some quick tips before you leave for your ski vacation to Tahoe - the best time to snowshoe is spring. Although, never immediately after storms! To snowshoe around your North Lake Tahoe home, we suggest you try Mt. Rose, Desolation Wilderness and Castle Peak. When going on a hill remember to always go up and down and not along the side. And always use poles for support.

When snowshoeing, particularly for overnight trips, you need to carry a lot of accessories with you. These include clothes like hiking shorts, warm fleece shirt, hats and gloves to keep you both comfortable and warm. Of course, you'll need to carry regular toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper and sunscreen. Also, always remember to carry camping equipments like tent, rope, and stove as well as a first-aid kit for emergency. And lastly, we recommend you carry food like freeze dried dinners and instant oatmeal packages. So what are you waiting for? Book a North Lake Tahoe home for your ski vacations and hit the snow floor!

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