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A Lake Tahoe vacation is great at any time of the year. The summers in Lake Tahoe are fabulous and will invite you to hike in the Tahoe wilderness or sunbathe on our sandy beaches in the company of glorious granite mountains. The winters are no less pleasurable. It is one of the best places in America for winter sports and ski vacations - go skiing and send yourself speeding downhill, or catch big air as you go snowboarding. If like the idea of owning your own vacation home for adventure getaways such as camping, trekking and ski vacations, explore our website to plan your dream Lake Tahoe vacation.

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The Lake Tahoe region is associated with overwhelming permutations and combinations of activity, entertainment and adventure. You can choose to stay in North Star for ski vacations and enjoy the skiing the endless slopes there or in Truckee so that you can paddle along the river. For those who travel here more for the entertainment than the adventure, remember, the South shore has better casinos than Reno. If you're here looking for adventure, like so many people who love to vacation in Tahoe, you also definitely don't want to miss the kayaking to Emerald bay you heard so much about! Find detailed resources on amazing tourist destinations, places to see and adventure vacations in Lake Tahoe on Lake Tahoe Luxury Vacations!

The Lake Tahoe Luxury Vacations Travel Guide has a lot of information on Lake Tahoe and we are adding more every week. Take a virtual tour of Lake Tahoe before you start planning your Lake Tahoe vacation. You can go through our Where To Go section to learn important and interesting facts about Lake Tahoe. Browse the Invest In Lake Tahoe link provides information about Lake Tahoe real estate. Just take your time to learn all you need to know about this amazing tourist paradise called Lake Tahoe!

Travel Guide for Transportation, Places to See, Adventure Tours and Skiing

Accommodation, Transportation Options

To travel by road is an ideal means for commuting in North Tahoe. For the tourist on a budget, the Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) public bus is a great alternative. Trolleys that ply here are loved both for the adventure and romance they offer... Transportation in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Guide for Entertainment, Sightseeing, Camping and Ski Vacations

Places to See, Entertainment, Festivals and Sightseeing

Lake Tahoe is the hub of activity and entertainment all throughout the year - there is always something happening whether it's in the casinos, on the mountains, down the ski slopes or at the beaches. There are numerous festivals, natural sights, events and sports to choose from. Our guide below at best scratches the surface of things to do and places to see in the Lake Tahoe region. But there is just --- so much to do here.

Cave Rock and the Lady of the Lake

Lake Tahoe was formed around 3 million years ago, Cave Rock is part of a volcanic vent that has existed for about 5 million years! The natives consider Cave Rock sacred because of myth of the Lady of the Lake. The Lady appears in the rock... Places to See

Classic Ships of Tahoe

Tahoe's largest gasoline powered, mahogany hulled ship, Thunderbird was built in 1940 for the aircraft-loving George Whittell. Capitalist R. Stanley Dollar introduced the 35' Cigarette IV in 1937 for the annual regatta competition... Tour of Lake Tahoe's Ships

Guide to the Outdoors - Adventure - Kayaking, Camping, Trekking Tours

Adventure Sports - Go Kayaking

The put-in/take-out point for your first ride is the Baldwin Beach from which you can head North towards Eagle Point. Here you MUST look out for the Bald Eagles and their huge nests resembling baskets of sticks kept on dead trees!... Adventure Sports - Kayaking Guide

Want Adventure - Camping and Trekking

Whenever camping, choose your site with discretion. You'd do well to keep away from windy ridges and low basins susceptible to water fill. Find adventure tours and camps with the loveliest natural setting all around your North Lake Tahoe condo rental... Camping and Hiking in Tahoe

Winter Sports and Ski Vacations

Ski Vacations!

For snow sports lovers there are a ton of options in the Tahoe region - from the best ski slopes to great fronzen lakes for ice skating. Take on the snow at 110 miles an hour racing down a mountain on your snowboard... Snow Sports and Ski Vacations

Fun Winter Sports in Tahoe - Snowshoeing

Here are some quick tips before you leave for your ski vacation to Tahoe - the best time to snowshoe is spring. Although, never immediately after storms! To snowshoe around your North Lake Tahoe home, we suggest you try Mt. Rose... Fun Winter Sports

Travel Guide, Accommodation, Lodging, Real Estate

Whether you travel here on business or pleasure our resources on Vacation Rentals in Lake Tahoe, Luxury Holiday Condos, Casino Hotels, Budget Lodging at Fantastic Discounts and Real Estate will make your stay in Tahoe a memorable experience of adventure, nightlife and relaxation when you Travel to Lake Tahoe